Response to a friend–the rollercoaster continues…

Not sure where or when this roller coaster will end, but I’m hanging on for the ride. Mostly, I want him to be at peace and not living like this anymore. If that means healing, that’s fine. But if that means moving on and finally having his well-deserved rest, I’m at peace with that too.

I take great comfort in knowing that I have been there for him and been the best son possible. I had a great teacher who I will carry with me always.

We are all here for a certain amount of time. It’s how we choose to spend that time that makes a difference in how we feel about our lives and how we impact the lives of others.

My dad has certainly spent his time here well, and the biggest honor I can do him is to respect his wishes and live my life like he taught me: to love and care for

~ by Butch on March 18, 2013.

One Response to “Response to a friend–the rollercoaster continues…”

  1. Been there, done this. Peace be with you. Look them in the eye. Say “I love you, I will miss you. Tell them they are safe, well cared for, you love them and you know where to find them”. Life is precious, but so is the end.

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