My email update on Dad

What I left out was my overriding wish: Please Go Already. The roller coaster is exhausting. I have not flown down…yet. Hoping to wait until my next regularly scheduled trip 3/29.
Poor guy doesn’t deserve this. Deserves peace.

Hi All:

It was too much to hope for thinking the emails would stop.

Dad took a turn for the worse this week, was operated on yesterday, and remains in ICU.
He had two blood clots in his brain. A small one that was near the shunt inserted into his head last summer, and a much larger one caused by an apparent fall.
They drained them both, and had to turn off the shunt that was keeping his brain free of liquid. The liquid on his brain caused a different type of dementia unrelated to his Alzheimer’s.
He had been doing so well since the surgery last summer, with so much of the dementia related to the normal pressure hydrocephalus being relieved.

He’s been “off” the past few weeks, which led to an ER visit last week.

The optimistic plan is for him to leave ICU, stay at the hospital this week and perhaps return to rehab after that.

In all probability, the secondary dementia will return. His oxygenation and lung issues have also not helped.
Poor guy is a sick man.

Not sure if it’s fair to put him through another surgery, as we are all trying so hard to keep his wishes in mind.

To be honest, we all want him to be at peace–no matter what that means. He’s earned it.

Right before surgery, he told me over the phone about an encounter he had with one of the doctors who had a thick accent.

“The Doctor was asking me about my DNR, but I couldn’t understand him,” he said. “I told him I’ll have the turkey. I thought he asked me what I wanted for dinner.
That’s my dad. Vintage Dad.

I have Red Sox/Twins tickets for us on 3/30 for the last spring training game of the year in Ft. Myers. Perhaps Dad will pull another miracle out of sleeve.

Mom and my sister are holding up well–both being there as much as possible.

I will keep you all posted.

~ by Butch on March 17, 2013.

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