Hospice, Hospital Bed & Oxygen–Oh My!

Not quite sure how I kept my job today.
Dad was transferred from the hospital home to assisted living, putting him and my mom under the same roof at home for the first time since mom’s surgery in February.

It took more than 40 phone calls to make that happen today, but I’m relieved and at peace.

He’s home, which is what he wants.

He’s there with oxygen, a hospital bed, and hospice care 24/7 for the first few days. After that we’ll see what additional care the assisted living facility needs. The best case scenario (which the alf believes will happen) is that he’ll need assistance for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.

The worst case scenario is additional care 24/7–at $400 a day–out of pocket.

I’m very impressed with the hospice nurse. She’s not satisfied with Dad waiting until the morning for pain meds, and is having some delivered through hospice this evening.

I liked her, and more importantly mom was comfortable with her.

Mom asked me tonight how much time he has. My answer was that none of us knows how much time we have. It’s not in our hands. Although as a non-believer, I’m not sure who actually does make that call!



I will be back down this weekend to celebrate the Jewish New Year. It’s a time of new beginnings–whatever they may be.

I’ve started off my having my annual physical. It was bizarre being on that side of the hospital gown and on that side of the table.

A different perspective.

~ by Butch on September 10, 2012.

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