Great piece by Kay Bransford on her Dealing with Dementia Blog.

Dealing with Dementia

Many families have faced the issue of driving when dementia is suspected or diagnosed. We used everything from a family intervention to a detached starter to try to thwart my parent’s ability to get behind the wheel of their car. Our complication was two parents that posed a united front. They have managed for years together. Now, we are just faced with two very independent and stubborn people who don’t recognize the safety hazard they pose behind the wheel.

The real issue has been how do we respect our parents, help them keep as much independence as they can manage, provide them with outlets to live a life with purpose and meaning while keeping the public safe? Not that I figured all that out, but here is what I have done and learned if you find yourself walking in my shoes:

All of these things have occurred a multitude of…

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~ by Butch on June 29, 2012.

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