The Roller Coaster Continues

Mom is home, and despite her constant worry about dad and disappointment in my sister, she’s doing well. Everyone at the ALF was so happy to see her and that did wonders for her spirits. She’s getting around via walker which is huge progress.

She got in and out of a friend’s car yesterday unassisted to go see Dad.

She has also found some inner strength, finally telling my sister how embarrassed she was and disappointed that my sister hasn’t offered to spend any time with her or offer to transport her.

Yea Mom!

She’s said everything that was in the email–which still sits in my draft folder until at least after next week’s visit.

She called my sister unfeeling.

Go Mom.

Dad, meanwhile, continues to decline. He insists on getting up and disengaging the alarm he’s attached to. He falls and they put him in a communal room as “punishment” to keep an eye on him.

He’s confused, telling me that mom has moved to another room, but they can still keep their apartment.

We’re working on having the neurosurgeon who operated on mom see him since they suspect normal pressure hydrocephalus, which can show itself in gait, increased dementia, and frequent urination–all of which Dad exhibits. It’s basically too much fluid on the brain. The test is via a spinal tap, and it is treatable via a stent.

I am speaking to them both daily, and as she seems stronger, he seems weaker.

Looking forward to and afraid of next week’s visit.

My sister is spending the weekend with a friend, since her husband and daughter are away.

Unbelievable to me.

We’re losing Dad; I can feel it.
My sister has lost me; I KNOW that.
My mom is losing her husband; she senses it.
Dad is losing his grip on reality; He’s confused by it.

~ by Butch on June 10, 2012.

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