Taking My Own Advice

Day 2 of bus blogging.

For years I’ve been telling my parents that they can’t take care of each other if they don’t take care of themselves.

Even now, as my mom contemplates and obsesses over whether she’s doing the right thing by leaving dad in skilled nursing, I extoll the virtues of self care.

It’s time I take my own advice.

For months I’ve ignored my own well being–physical and emotional–to focus on their demands and care ad my new job.

Sure, I quit smoking 16 weeks ago (YEA!), but I’m not eating right, have put on 10 pounds, have blown off the gym, am depressed and completely exhausted.

I can’t take care of them if I don’t take care of me (props to my husband–yes, you are usually right :))

I’ve started eating better, am giving myself more tie to sleep in the morning, rater than rushing in at 7:30, and have a plan to get ack to the gym.

I’m also hoping to sleep most of the weekend.

As my husband correctly says (sometimes TOO often but correctly): Thoughts Determine Feelings.

Maybe I’ll take his advice too.

~ by Butch on June 6, 2012.

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